Made by Magic is a rework brand by Magichollow.


In our constant search for the best vintage around the world, we come across many garments with imperfections that do not meet the quality standard we have set for our vintage store. However, we struggle to justify why these items cannot be saved, reimagined and re-worn for years to come.


Using their unique imperfections as inspiration we create unique solutions - designing in reverse to breathe new life back into damaged goods.

We challenge the construction methods of fast fashion with a bespoke, hands on approach. Instead of cutting a pattern into a roll of fabric, the same technique is applied to each rework piece - minimising waste and using what we have to create something new.


Each Made by Magic design is created in small quantities to ensure that each piece is handpicked, hand cut and distinctly one of a kind.

Made proudly, sustainably and ethically in Auckland, New Zealand.

Join the movement.


Volume One focuses on 3 iconic brands; Adidas, Champion & Ralph Lauren. Using our designed in reverse approach, we have created contemporary, wearable silhouettes whilst still paying homage to the heavyweights of 90's streetwear.