A Rainy Day in New York

Shot by our go-to photographer @josephrobertkrauss 
Styled by @cain._.lee
Models: @reeserobert_ & @hh.mcbride
magic: "east coast or west coast?"
@josephrobertkrauss: "east coast for pizza, west coast for burritos"


Magic : No outfit is complete without...

@cain._.lee: "…confidence! I truly believe the secret to looking sickening is believing you do."




Magic :What got you into photography?

@josephrobertkrauss:  "A brown paper bag of film cameras that I found in an old Victorian House a friend of mine was renovating."


@reeseroberts_:"New York definitely changed a lot in the past year but the city is already coming back to life and is more amazing than ever"


Magic : Any upcoming trends you’ve noticed/loved?

@Cain._.lee: "A trend I see emerging is the mixing of patterns. One can mix any patterns they want, the trick is to stay in a color family.

"Also we’re entering a new renaissance. We want to dress up. We’ve missed events. I’ve worn a suit, tie and heels more in the last two months than I ever did in my first three years in New York."

"I also see a head to toe commitment to an era of clothing coming. It’s very prominent with the Re-emerging 2000s we are seeing. It looks like a costume. I hope to see this from every decade in the 20th century"




Magic: Advice on shooting on film? 

@Josephrobertkrauss: "When in doubt take the damn photo!"