Who Are We?

The New Standard.

Magichollow is American vintage clothing.

Our team travels to the USA regularly to hand pick the freshest, most diverse vintage clothing available.

Last year we recycled 14,000 kg of vintage clothing. Most of that would have ended up in land fill. Our aim is to double that just as soon as we can. All of our clothing is expertly curated, cleaned and cared for.

We're here for the growing community of people sick of the mundane and mass-produced.

We're here the haves, and the have nots, the nerdy kids and the rugby jocks.

Whoever you are, we're here for you. Love live vintage, fuck fast fashion.

Adam Thompson - Owner/General Manager
instagram: @theholl0wman email: adam@magichollow.co.nz

Magichollow Limited is proud to be a New Zealand owner/operator company.