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This single stitch tee features a burnt orange hue, large 'Esprit' spell-out across the front, a large graphic on the back and an oversized fit. Perf to style with denim mini's and Dr Martens.
Esprit Tee $35.00 NZD
Howling Wolf Tee
Howling Wolf Tee $35.00 NZD
Sea Dog Crop
Sea Dog Crop $35.00 NZD
New Jersey Tee
New Jersey Tee $35.00 NZD
Black in colour, these midi-length shorts are in a flowy style with an elasticated waistband, large pockets and an allover rose and polka dot print. Pair with a white crop and Converse for a chill fit!
Rosie Shorts $35.00 NZD
North Soccer Tee
North Soccer Tee $35.00 NZD
Oxford Tee
Oxford Tee $35.00 NZD
Pink Wolf Tee
Pink Wolf Tee $35.00 NZD
Oxford Tee
Oxford Tee $35.00 NZD
Camp Cedars Tee
Camp Cedars Tee $35.00 NZD
Rumple Minze Tee
Rumple Minze Tee $35.00 NZD
1992 Impact Tee
1992 Impact Tee $35.00 NZD
Barbeque Tee
Barbeque Tee $35.00 NZD
Bears Long Sleeve
Bears Long Sleeve $35.00 NZD
Roma Italia Tee
Roma Italia Tee $35.00 NZD
Mickey Baby Tee
Mickey Baby Tee $35.00 NZD
Columbia Beanie
Columbia Beanie $40.00 NZD
ralph lauren tee. 90s vintage. magichollow.
Ralph Lauren Tee $45.00 NZD
branson tee in a red glitter colour-way.
Branson Tee $45.00 NZD
Grey in colour with a navy Converse spell-out and logo on the front, a ribbed neckline and single stitching.
Converse Tee $45.00 NZD
Red shorts in a high waisted style with a pleated waistline, pockets, folded rims, belt loops and lil red buttons across the shorts. With Gitano branding on the right pocket
Gitano Shorts $45.00 NZD
Nashville Tee
Nashville Tee $45.00 NZD
Black single-stitch tee with red pony text on left chest, along with double sleeve and neckline detailing!
Pony Tee $45.00 NZD
Hop into this sick lil show stopper now! Red in colour, this single stitch tee has colourful print with 'original bugle boy jeans' printed across the front. Finished off with stars, horseshoes and globes
Bugle Boy Tee $45.00 NZD
Florida Tee
Florida Tee $45.00 NZD
Kitty Tee
Kitty Tee $45.00 NZD
Brown in colour, this single stitch tee has a golden Siberian tiger print on the front with 'theres still time...' printed above and dated 1994 below.
1994 Tiger Tee $45.00 NZD
Bugle Boy Polo
Bugle Boy Polo $45.00 NZD
Viking Salmon Tee
Viking Salmon Tee $45.00 NZD
Helicopter Tee
Helicopter Tee $45.00 NZD
An easy everyday tee, this single-stitch Ralph Lauren top is black in colour with a red embroidered Ralph Lauren logo on the left chest pocket.
Ralph Lauren Tee $45.00 NZD
Grey in colour, this easy everyday tee is in a high cut crew neck style with a little red and blue Reebok logo on the left chest and left sleeve.
80s Reebok Tee $45.00 NZD
Polo Tee
Polo Tee $45.00 NZD
1993 Raiders Tee
1993 Raiders Tee $45.00 NZD
Cat Tee
Cat Tee $45.00 NZD
Keystone Tee
Keystone Tee $45.00 NZD
Ralph Lauren Tee
Ralph Lauren Tee $45.00 NZD
Phillies Tee
Phillies Tee $45.00 NZD
Umbro Tee
Umbro Tee $45.00 NZD
Ralph Lauren Tee
Ralph Lauren Tee $45.00 NZD
Reebok Crop
Reebok Crop $45.00 NZD
Island Tee
Island Tee $45.00 NZD
NY Yankees Tee
NY Yankees Tee $45.00 NZD
Pheasant Tee
Pheasant Tee $45.00 NZD
It's a sick Sylvester Tee and we're absolutely looney over it! Grey in colour with blue plaid contrast arms, this tee has a large Sylvester print on the front. Cropped to keep it cute
Sylvester Crop $45.00 NZD
Rhode Island Tee
Rhode Island Tee $45.00 NZD
Puma Football Tee
Puma Football Tee $45.00 NZD
El Salvador Crop
El Salvador Crop $45.00 NZD
Nashville Tee
Nashville Tee $45.00 NZD
Champion Tank
Champion Tank $45.00 NZD
Crimson Tide Crop
Crimson Tide Crop $45.00 NZD
Lee Denim Shorts
Lee Denim Shorts $45.00 NZD
Pepsi Crop
Pepsi Crop $45.00 NZD
Lil summery tee, black in colour and immaculate in vibes. With a large azalea print on the front, pair this single stitch tee with high-waisted denim shorts and Airforce 1s for a sick summer fit!
Azalea Tee $45.00 NZD
Fila Crop Top
Fila Crop Top $45.00 NZD
Duck Sweater
Duck Sweater $45.00 NZD
Ted's Truck Crop
Ted's Truck Crop $45.00 NZD
Chateau Tee
Chateau Tee $45.00 NZD
Adidas Shorts
Adidas Shorts $45.00 NZD